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Feedback on the album 412nd

Wow! Very, very cool record! It's just really different and cool, great chord changes and I love the vocals as well.
Mark Lennon, Venice


Lovely record you two made. Absolutely. I already played a song in Casa Luna. However, I will play a track in Mart Smeets' next For The Record radioshow – your music deserves that. Though I do like the titles you've mentioned, especially Turning Point, I will play my own favorite Gonna Find Her Gone. Pig-headed…
Leo Blokhuis, head music department VARA


It took some time before your CD was in my player, but last week it happened. I must say I am really caught by it. Here and there a kind of Beatles-character. Very well made. I'd say: a very un-Dutch sound. Be sure I will play a song or two in my radioshow.
Roland Vonk, Radio Rijnmond


Thanks for your mail, I forwarded it to Eric Corton and he listened to your CD. Unfortunately your music doesn't fit the 3FM programming. Nevertheless, your music will surely fit another station.
Penney, Radio 747, BNN


Two songs went into the air with our station. Those two are the songs I consider to be the ‘easy' numbers ‘Hold on to your friend' and ‘Gonna find her gone'. Though the latter is a bit longer, is does fit in our format (Mix golden oldies, pop and Dutch pop).
Eric van den Berg, Radio Gelderland


Your music doesn't meet with the target group of Radio 538. Besides that, the songs are all to long for us. Nevertheless, the quality of the music is very good so I'm sure it will find its way to Radio 2 or the local stations.
Erik Werner DJ/Producer Radio 538


Surely we can use your songs. We already programmed two tracks into our system: I bet my life and Maybe. You will hear them pop up in our programs every now and then.
Rens van Stralen, head music department RTVNoord


Indeed I played the whole album. I fully agree with qualifications such as ‘pleasant and exiting'. Unfortunately it doesn't fit our station. I don't mean that rude, it's just an indication.
Rudy Mackay, 3FM


Absolutely a fine piece of musical craftmanship. Being a graduated anglophile, I do have some remarks about the English language, but my compliments to you for the arrangements and compositions.
Ronald van Oudheusden, Radio Rijnmond


I listened to the CD and there are a few songs I will certainly play in the radioshows I produce.
Harjo Thijs -  NCRV Radio


Listened to the CD in the car a few times, and especially at night I experience the pleasantness. I miss an easy head-and-tail song ready to be played on air – indeed the length of some of the songs is an issue. I agree we lack a radioshow that playes albums, there are some plans to change that in the Radio 2 weekend. Would be great.

In the meantime I will give one of the songs a go in my show, if I got room for it. Daniel Dekker – AVRO radio

I received your CD and listened to it. Nice record! Are you planning to release a single?
Gerrit Kerremans, producer/coördinator muziek VRT

Thanks for the add guys I enjoyed your songs..
Bernie (MySpace)

Enjoyed your music! Will be back to listen some more. Thanks for inviting me and welcome to my space!
Treza Bettencourt (MySpace)

Dear Messrs Eumetris,
Many thanks for finding a bit of room in this godforsaken place for me and my assorted musical Greeks and so on. It's lovely to make your acquaintance, gentlemen...
Kindest regards now,
Dana Immanuel. (MySpace)

ya found us!
good luck with the music folks.
Drag the River (MySpace)

hello neighbours!
our first dutch friends, you have a very fine spheric sound which pleasantly reminds me of the beginning of "porcelina of the vast oceans" by the smashing pumpkins. greetings from münster tu huizen!
the cedar (julius) (MySpace)

Cool stuff, guys, I enjoyed listening....My bandmate is Dutch :)
Jeff Jacobsen (MySpace)

Of course I will add you as a friend!! I was facinated upon seeing your site as it said you were a cross between beatles, CSN&Y, and crowded house. Fine Bands to be sure, but I think really I hear more prog rock influences throughout your songs, Can, Camel, Robert Wyatt, and in a weird sort of way Syd Barrett.
Very cool Stuff!! Nice to meet you and I look forward to hearing more tunes soon!!
Robert Wegmann (MySpace)

Love Turning Point.......very Nick it
Niall Martin (MySpace)

Thanks for stopping by. How is it in the Netherlands! Your music sounds great! Take it easy! In light
elena (MySpace)


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