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EUMETRIS - Biography
The EUMETRIS project started in April 2003. Singer/songwriter Hans Willemse introduced Bart van Schoonhoven and Hans Lamboo to each other. They still owe him for that.
Who are they?


Hans Lamboo

Hans learned to play the ukelele when he was 4 years old. He liked singing and playing hitsongs on family parties. When he was 6, his father and elder brother taught him how to play the guitar.

In the sixties Hans joined several ‘beat bands', such as the schoolbands The Soft Boiled Eggs and Donald & The Ducks, playing the hitsongs from The Beatles, The Kinks, The Searchers and so on. In ‘66 Hans got involved in jazz, taught himself how to play the banjo, and took lessons in arranging music for big bands and small combo's. He has been playing in numerous jazzcombo's and (dixie)bands all over the country ever since. He recorded a number of records, a.o. the often played “Dallas”, a song about the famous TV-series.

At the end of the sixties Hans got an old Philicorda keyboard, which was owned by Ramses Shaffy (who bought himself a new one). That's when Hans started to play keys as well. As a big fan of musical comedy in general, and Spike Jones in particular, Hans founded a similar band called Fritzz'MadBand, which in the eighties appeared in almost every theater in the country and at several occasions on radio and TV.

Hans was the leader, arranger and key performer of the band, that became well-known as the players of the tunes of the TV-show “Wordt Vervolgd” and as the only band playing the complete soundtrack of a cartoon movie live on stage. All through the time Hans kept on writing and recording popsongs in his home studio, singing and playing guitar, bassguitar, keyboards and drums. Hans composed songs for a children's project called popponie and other songs meant for children.


Bart van Schoonhoven

Bart cannot remember anything other than having a bright singing-voice, of course initially trained in the church-choire where he, when he was very young, sometimes had to do solo-(soprano)performances.
At twelve he was totally knocked of his feet when he heard a friend of his cousin play the Beatles-song “All my loving” at a party. He was particularly struck by the happy atmosphere it generated. He knew this was the thing he wanted to do.

13 years of age, he bluffed to a couple of friends he would be performing on the school fest – actually not being able to play a note on any instrument at all. To meet his bluff he bought an old jazz-guitar and worked very hard and performed another Beatles-song “You've got to hide your love away” before an audience of 600. That was the beginning of many performances in folkclubs and on student-parties with many more songs of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Barry McGuire, Ralph McTell and an increasing number of self-written songs. Bart did more and more prize-winning appearances on talent contests, alone or in cooperation with others.

Early seventies Bart recorded two singles with his group Breeze, a few years later followed by an album and the two hit singles, Gypsy Woman and It's Only A Matter Of Time. In 1978 he did the support-act in the Don McLean tour through Holland and Belgium. Now he himself was performing in those big concert-halls (a.o. Concertgebouw and De Doelen) where he always used to go and see his favorite artists. Renowned for his vocal efforts, Bart did guest appearances on albums of various other artists, such as The Surfers and the famous series of Stars on 45.

At the end of the seventies Bart had to give up being a full-time musician and got himself a regular job. But he kept on writing, performing and recording – which due to digital technical progress became more and more easy. But he always missed the cooperation with other musicians to leverage his music.


After they first met, there was a period of getting to know eachothers ideas and recordings. Very soon it was apparent that both Hans and Bart mutually were very much into eachothers work. Hans picked a few of Barts songs – and Bart of Hans'. Letting their imagination and talents full free flight, the two influenced eachothers material to another, new level of existance. With both respect and love for eachothers music, they got involved in a creative process, parallel to their busy daily lives. Songs were chosen, arranged, re-arranged, re-re-arranged, performed and recorded, and sometimes all over again, either at home or at the Apogee Studio in Alphen aan den Rijn where all songs were mixed and mastered by their good friend René van Hugten.

Two and a half years after their first encounter it all resulted in their first album, 412nd, at the end of 2005.

They never lost sight of each other afterwards and kept in regular contact. They helped each other, where necessary, with studio recordings. Only in 2019, when they both had more time to spend, they got the idea for a second phase of EUMETRIS. Since their album 412nd the distance between them got considerably larger, so it was not an option to visit each other on a regular basis. Fortunately this was not a problem due to the extensive digitization. The various songs for their new album 'The Midnight Laundrette' have been sent back and forth between Hans and Bart dozens of times during the creative process.

The songs were mixed by our good friends René van Hugten (7 songs) and Rob Smit (8 songs). Besides that Rob is responsible for all drums & percussion, synth sounds, and the mastering of all songs. Thanks!



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