Let me tell you ‘bout your dreams. First the sprinkled salt and I warn you it is not granted that it matches the dreamer. For instance, in your dream it might refer to the guitarist. The guitar means: much melancholy or nameless work. Like a farmer who works hard through the year, without ever getting any satisfaction. Or a brilliant painter, or architect, or musician who’s work is unknown and stays neglected forever. You see it is almost synonymous with melancholy. The cat is a clear sign: adultery and lust.

Dreams can also be explained in a way that is opposite to what they seem. So they are infallible, since you can deduce the pro’s as well as the contra’s from them.

Some say dreams that occur just before sunrise refer to the future; those who follow on sunset refer to the past. Dreams are safer in summer and winter than during spring or fall – and more at sunrise than at any other hour of the day. Others say that dreams during Advent and Annunciation Day announce sound and lasting things; while those occurring on varying holidays (like Easter) refer to changeable things, on which we can hardly rely.

Some others say there is a stone in Batriana named Eumetris, which – if it lies underneath your head while dreaming – turns dreams into solid, sound prophecies.

Some people only use fantasy preparations: scent of mandrake and myrrh, ferriferous water or pulverized bay leaves put behind the head.
But there are people who also recommend cat brains with bat guano, ripened in red leather, or those who stuff a fig with pigeon done and coral powder. For nightly visions these are very exciting remedies.

Source: IMPRIMATUR by Monaldi & Sorti

Eumetris shows Mercury or Apollo standing next to a girl who is asleep
with her head placed on a flint. The god is dressed in clothes dyed in a hue
midway between green and white.

Source: The Fields of Zoroaster