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On this page you will find all the equipment that was used, not only on the album, but also on the way to the album.
Hans played his
Epiphone bass "Allen Woody"
in "The River"

Hans played his
Armstrong Custom Bass
in "Hotelrooms And Neonlights", "Turning Point", "Hourglass", "Sad Song", "Maybe", "Hold On To Your Friend", "I'm Working On It", "Gonna Find Her Gone" and "Batriana".

Bart played his
Godin A6
in "Hourglass"
Hans played Bart's
in "Batriana".

Hans played his
Variax Line6
in "Turning Point" and "I'm Working On It"

Hans played his
Gibson SG Standard
in "Hotelrooms And Neonlights", "Maybe", "The River", "Hold On To Your Friend" and "Batriana"
and Bart played it
in the first version of "The River".

Hans played his
Fender Stratocaster Squire
in "Hotelrooms And Neonlights", "Turning Point", "Hourglass", "Sad Song", "Maybe", "I'm Working On It", "Gonna Find Her Gone" and "Batriana".
Hans played his
Epiphone Acoustic Guitar
in "Turning Point", "Sad Song", "Maybe", "I'm Working On It" and "Batriana".

Bart played his
Gibson J45
in "The River", "Hold On To Your Friend", "I Bet My Life" and "Gonna Find Her Gone"
and Hans played it in
"Hotelrooms And Neonlights" and "Hold On To Your Friend"

Bart played his
Martin 12String
in the "Batriana" demo
Martin 12stringtop
Bart played his
Washburn EA22
in "The River" demo
Hans' Alesis Mixer
Hans' equipment for several sounds and effects
Bart and Hans each own a Roland JV30
Bart en Hans each own a Røde Microphone
Cubase (Hans & Bart)
Line6 POD (Hans)
Line6 Bass-POD (Hans)
Korg D1600
Korg D1600 Digital Multitrack recorder (Hans & Bart)
Working space
Apogee Studiotop
Alesis remote control
Yamaha O2R
Yamaha O2Rtop
Those chairs!!!
Theatre Chairstop
Again Cubase
Singing Roomtop