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We would like to thank a few people who made it possible for us to make this album.

First of all our wives Nellie and Loes. It's not only that they made it possible. Without their everlasting support it wouldn't have been possible to make this album.

Our dear friend René van Hugten who gave us the opportunity to use his recording-studio (Apogee), his time, his ears, his coffee. And let us not forget his wife Jetty who also had to suffer our weekly visits.

Hans Willemse
  who introduced us to eachother
Bart Plooij
  who did a hell of a job with designing our album-cover and booklet
  Who did the photography for the album-cover and booklet
  who played the saxophone in "Hotelrooms And Neonlights"
  who played the cello in "Turning Point" and "I Bet My Life"
Tanja de Jager
  who played the trumpets in "Hold On To Your Friend"
Henk de Jong
  who played the trombone in "Hold On To Your Friend"
  who played the bass-tuba in "Hold On To Your Friend"
Beatá Dreisigová
  who played the violins in "I Bet My Life"
  who played the trombone in "Gonna Find Her Gone"
  for being the speaking-voice in "Batriana"
Leonie Regter
  for providing us with a lot of necessary addresses and phonenumbers